Essay about doing good deeds

Doing good deeds

The weather was hot and everyone was lining up at the crowded food-stalls to buy some food. The sht and smell of piping hot food in he canteen made their mouths water. Nora was lining up in a long queue at a food-stall when she saw one of her schoolmates, Liming, in the same queue in front of her. Liming told her that he did not have enough pocket money for the day to buy a plate of rice.

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Whether you it random acts of kindness, paying it forward, or good deeds, they are very powerful.

<em>Essay</em> on <em>good</em> <em>deeds</em> are never wasted - c-

Essay on good deeds are never wasted - c-

October 17, 2003 The following short essays are colored in blue and are writing assnments given to hh school student somewhere in the USA.

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The word ­itself didn’t exist until 1851 when the French philosopher Auguste Coe coined it based on the Latin word alteri, “others,” but the act of giving may go back to the beginning of time. It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling we get after doing good deeds – giving away our time or money – that makes many of us do it in the first place.

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